hey i'm chetan fernandes, a creative professional from mumbai. my formal education has been in Literature and Film and i graduated from St Xavier's College. various stopovers on my journey of work experience have included a film production company, a theatre company, an event management company and an experiential communications agency.

i have a passion for the visual and performing arts and for writing. communication comes instinctively to me. and my formal training in literature has taught me to critically evaluate every element while contemplating the role it should or could play towards creating a larger story. these passions have found a very real and rewarding outlet in my 14 year stint at a leading experiential communications agency where my obsession with the live space and lifelong flirtation with theatre enables me to approach the live space with intuitive confidence and work with various artistic and creative elements to deliver powerful, compelling experiences.... hopefully prompting encores.

i have worked on a variety of brands and formats and have been intimately involved with brands from verticals as diverse as FMCG, Technology, ITES, Auto, Pharma, BFSI and with formats that range from integrated customer marketing campaigns to trade fairs to product launches to retail activation.

my formal training in literature has given me a familiarity with a variety of narrative formats and styles and an ability to appreciate the nuances of different cultures and extrapolate on their myths making it very easy to peel away the layers of any communication or construct and arrive at its core essence. i believe that, despite our complexities, we are very simple beings with an innate desire to communicate, to be loved, respected and recognised. these triggers - universal yet unique - are what i seek to discover and energise through my work.

my flair for language is the glue which helps me put it all together. essays, short stories and poetry continue to fascinate me. Among my favourite Indian authors are Arundhati Roy (whose essays i enjoy as much as i did her fantastic novel), Vikram Seth and Amitav Ghosh. I enjoy opera and classical as much as i do classic rock, hip hop and world music.

sail boat racing is my dominant sporting passion and i have represented India at several national and regional championships - very often with medal success. sailing has taught me invaluable lessons in teamwork, planning and strategy, in addition to the discipline and rigour demanded by any sporting pursuit.

as a person and as a professional i believe that the universe is benevolent and an ocean of goodness awaits discovery in all its facets - people, products, brands. it is my endeavour to demystify that goodness and share it with my fellow beings.

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